A good brand


Shoreham is not by any means a good looking town. It’s part of the coastal sprawl that’s rough around the edges and hard to love (although probably once you do it’s for life). Running through from Brighton I ended up on one of the main groyns next to Shoreham port. The end point of a good 7k. The first view off its end was a line up of surfers – this is one of the few good spots on the coast – according to my surfer friends, fiercely guarded. Huddled on the groyn itself, next to a plaque commemorating those lost at sea, an old man in a raggedy jacked was catching some small fry. So much life was squeezed between the sea and a complex lock system.

Something in the Shoreham lock struck me as particularly encouraging – a nice clean logo, infographics of the vessels that come through. This was my first clue that new things were happening – the visual cue, the shell reflecting winds of change.


Behind the computer, I had the chance to search around and find out the re-brand was a part of the Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Project. Once you’ve found one crum it’s hard not to follow the trail. Down into the News section I found the clue to the even wider context – The Greater Brighton City Deal.

Something about the Greater Brighton City Deal report stuck out – New England House, where I’d attended a few event on the Brighton Fuse- the ways in which creative and digital combine in the city to create innovation and growth:

Somehow the fuse spread and some the youngest and most innovative industries warmed the futures of one of the oldest – the tougher seafaring end.


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